How we create communication channels

A clear communication between parents and pedagogues is one of the most important standards in the Biberbau kindergarten.

Our daily Biberheft

As a practical aid for daily exchange, the Biberheft supports us as a kind of diary in which processes are documented, information and messages are exchanged and everyday life is reflected on.

Documentation and reflection on the Biberbuch

The development of your child is documented in the Biberbuch. With photos and stories, the attachment pedagogue reports on the child's development by writing dowm individual learning stories and thus also has a basis for our regular parenting talks with you. Later it will be a nice memory of kindergarten for you and your child.

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Documents for at home - our parents' folder for you

How exactly does the familiarization work at the Biberbau? What do you as a family need to prepare and consider for a good start? Who are your contacts for various issues? When you start in kindergarten, many questions may arise. As part of the admission interview, you will receive a parents' folder from us with all the important information about everyday life and the processes in the Biberbau kindergarten. In addition, the parents' folder is also stored in the Biberbau intranet - so you have easy access to it at any time.

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Talk to each other - parents' evenings and parties

Exchange and community - these are two important aspects for good cooperation and harmonious group formation. At our parents' evenings and the kindergarten parties, which both take place twice a year, you have the opportunity to get to know our pedagogues and other parents personally. You get a lively insight into everyday kindergarten life and can exchange ideas with other parents. If necessary, online participation is also possible.

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Biberbau Digital - Our intranet and newsletter for parents

The Biberbau kindergarten in compact form for your pocket - or your PC at home? No problem: we will continuously provide you with the latest information via our parents' intranet. We provide you with a monthly newsletter with practical tips for implementing the Montessori principle with game suggestions for at home, show you the progress of our monthly topics in kindergarten and new photos from your child's everyday group life. At the same time, you will find useful information such as forms, contact options for individual contact persons and much more in the secure area “My Biberbau”.

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Advice and exchange - our parents' council

The Biberbau parents' council offers a direct interface between our kindergarten team and you as a family: the annually newly elected committee with representatives of the individual groups, together with the site management and the sponsor, comes together twice a year. At the meetings, for example, innovations in site management and ideas from parents are discussed. You always have the opportunity to approach your parent representative with your own suggestions or advice. The team looks forward to your commitment.

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Educational partnership through regular reflection

Individual talks about the development of your child are the basis of our educational partnership with you. Based on the continuous observation of the child, which is documented in the Biberbuch, and the documentation method according to Beller & Beller, we focus on the interests of the children. Our development talks are held twice a year by your child’s attachment pedagogue with you as parents. This gives you a very detailed and trustworthy description of the current development of your child. Participation in the development talk is also possible online.

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