We are here for you - your contact person at the Biberbau

Many people help to implement the philosophy of the Biberbau kindergarten in everyday life. Our team will meet you at different levels - and different departments are responsible for your concerns.

You can discuss all educational topics directly with the site management of the respective houses. She is your direct contact person from admission to our locations to parenting advice. As a manager, she also provides advice to the team on site and ensures the quality of the educational work with your child.

In the group of your child, the group leader and your attachment pedagogue are your direct contacts. The latter will carry out the familiarization with you and inform you about the group during the parents' evenings. The attachment pedagogue will also show you the individual development of your child in the development talk.

The Biberbau kindergarten has a separate administration so that the pedagogical team can concentrate on all children's concerns and also to provide a contact person for you as parents. As the sponsor, Köhling Familien Services gGmbH has the main responsibility for all administrative and organizational work in the Biberbau kindergarten. The professional administration is carried out by our management.

You will find all contact details and responsibilities in our team chart on the Biberbau intranet.

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