Hygiene & Daycare

How we handle Covid-19

Hygiene in child care

The Corona crisis means a challenge for many parents, children and kindergartens. In order to be able to guarantee our childcare options on-site, to keep the hygienic standards up and to provide optimal care for all children due to the circumstances, we took some important measures in the Biberbau kindergarten regarding the way we deal with Covid-19.

Outdoor time

Part of the Biberbau concept is to spend as much time as possible outside with the children. This proves itself as particulcarly good during Corona time, as the risk of infection is low outside.

Caring for your own person

In Biberbau, it is particularly important to us to encourage the children to become more independent. We show the children early on how to wash their hands, brush their teeth, change their clothes, all according to the Montessori principles. We take at times a great advantage from Corona in that matter, too.

Caring for the environment

In Montessori pedagogy, the caring for the environment and thus organization and cleanliness is a key pillar. Not only do the pedagogues and children in the house ensure that their group room is always clean, but our professional housekeeping service cleans and disinfects the house daily.

Special mindfulness

To make sure that infections in the Biberbau are prevented, we are particularly attentive to diseases of all people in the house. Of course, we are aware that children in particular often have a runny nose in the early days and allow children with mild symptoms to attend the nursery. But to make sure that no corona infections spread in our facilities, our pedagogues and all other employees in particular carry out a test for every suspected case.

Hygiene regulations

In any case, the hygiene regulations in the Biberbau have always been very strict. Cleaning, disinfection, and conscious hygiene measures such as ventilating and wearing gloves when changing diapers have been part of our everyday lives for years. In the course of the Corona crisis, expanded our hygiene concept - especially with the mask requirement for adults.

Ongoing communication

The Corona crisis forces us all to follow strict distance regulations - therefore particularly attentive communication is very important. Straight communication with the families of our facilities plays a very important role for us. With online meetings, regular newsletters and via the intranet platform, we provide all relevant information on how we deal with Covid-19 on a daily basis.

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